About Tina


Tina Larkin is an award-winning harpist, fiddler, uke player and composer who resides on the West Coast. She specializes in Celtic and Early music, plus enchanting original compositions. She has made art and music all her life.life. “I got my first instrument, a guitar, at the age of ten. I  wanted to be a Beatle. Unfortunately, the Boys did not need a fifth member, and certainly not a ten year old girl! I was in love with violin and harp from a very early age, and they drew me in”. Tina was drawing  as soon as she was old enough to hold a crayon. She holds an art degree with honors from Pratt Institute, and a Masters degree in Fine Art from Florida State University.



Tina has performed with the Lanark Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, the Portsmouth Ohio Symphony, the Duo Fortuity and at venues such as Braziers Park- Oxfordshire UK, the Mt. Dora Florida Festival of Music and Literature, the Ohio Renaissance Fair, the Pocket Theater- Seattle WA, the Thomas Art Center - Gainesville FL, and the Everett WA Public Library Concert Series.



 Tina has color/hearing synesthesia, meaning that she can hear colors and see music. Her artwork is created with music and her music is full of what she refers to as ‘color and texture’.  Synesthesia is a neurological condition (not a disease!) whereby one part of the brain has an extensive communication with another part. “I was watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, in February of 1964. I was very young at the time and blurted out “I sure love ‘She Loves You”, it’s such a pretty red song!” And immediately was attacked by my older siblings, so I learned to never talk about how I could see music and that it was in color. It was years later that I heard the term ‘synesthesia.” 

While this intensifies Tina's creativity, it also forces her to protect against sensory overload, which can be a problem!